You are not alone

(A poem written to present at Irtiqa Magazine’s Rise Above Abuse Workshop)


Fear not the snarl of the lip that foretells rage,

Rage that rises without warning, without reason


Fear not the clenching of the fist that rains blows on your body,

a body already battered and bruised


Fear not the boot that endlessly kicks at your cowering fragile, frame,

a frame that has withstood and will withstand


Fear not the curses that reduce you to a shell of emptiness, of nothingness,

Words that stamp out your identity, your humanity


Fear your need to hide the scars and cover up the bruises

Fear your remarkable ability to pretend all is well

Fear your eagerness to forgive and forget

Fear your strength to stem the tears

Fear your hope that tomorrow will be different, tomorrow will be better

Fear your reluctance to seek help

Fear your patience, your tolerance, your acceptance


Fear your forbearance – it empowers the coward, the weak, the not-man


Overcome your fear

Celebrate your strength

Rejoice in your community

You are an individual but you are not alone


You are not alone

You are not alone

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