The Journey Continues …

It is such an exciting time for me right now. I’ve just heard that the submission of my short story, “A Hundred Times Over” has been selected to be included in the Womandla Anthology. My third novel, “The Cursed Touch” is in editing and should be released early next year; my short story collection is being birthed as I write this and, most importantly, I’m getting another step closer to facilitate writing workshops with more primary schools. This is another passion project – that I learn and gain as much from.

My partnership with SiyaFunda Donate-a-Book has been hugely beneficial. Joint projects have led to hundreds of books being collected for rural schools over the past eighteen months. My participation at book fairs and festivals is also on the increase, all of which helps to create awareness about my novels.

This past weekend, I participated in the Jozi Books & Blogs Festival in Lenasia. Together with Shahista Thokan (transformational coach, counsellor, teacher, women activist) I facilitated a workshop, called Forgiving and Forgetting starts with you. The response was overwhelming.MC, Maymoona Chohan (left) with Raashida Khan (middle) and Shahista Thokan (right)Here is snapshot of some of the comments:
In response to what was most enjoyableFree writing session; the explanation khelo24bet and the advice to manage forgivenessOverall very informative; encapsulating and creating awarenessListening to different perspectives; getting direction and advice on how to deal with issuesThe rapport between the participants; the content; the practicalityI liked listening to Ms Khan share insights on the writing process. The workshop related seamlessly to the bookDissecting forgiveness. Took a real concept and discussed how it applies to the real worldLove the free writing concept. Was amazed at what was written on paper by me!The interaction with the audience
In response to whether similar workshops were wanted, the answer was an overwhelming ‘Yes’. I’ll definitely consider doing more practical workshops in the future. Details gullybet will be posted on my Social Media pages, so do follow my pages below and keep an eye out.

All I can hope now is for more people to read my books – they really allow for introspection and can help one realise that acceptance of self is critical before one can heal from whatever may have been experienced.

Keep reading. With much love, Raashida
Maymoona Chohan (MC), Raashida Khan and Shahista Thokan (Silverlining) at the Jozi Books and Blogs Workshop (Lenasia, July 2019)