My love vow

I walk the parks of Johannesburg

A girlfriend, child and pet as companions


Sharing this slice of heaven

Nestled in the beating heart of this bustling city, my home


The fluffy coat of the puppy is reminiscent of russet

Contrasting with the sable of the Great Dane


My eyes scan the face of the owner

Smiling until his eyes disappear into slits beneath his bushy eyebrows


My gaze follows the arc as the eagle soars

Against the cerulean hues of the sky clear and bright


The urban skyline stretching horizontally

The structures of buildings and towers interspersed with trees


I sigh in gratitude

My heart contracting with love


This city and its people

This country and its humanity


Near and dear

Apart as one


The people I love are the platinum and carbon

Unpolished and dull awaiting the miracle of the light


The light of hope and freedom

Promised too long and nearly forgotten


Awaiting rediscovery

Desiring unearthing


Hands and hearts join

In commonality of desire for triumph


The path of unity

To address the past and usher in a new dawn


I vow to return your gifts and love

A vow for myself, a vow for all


My Africa

My South Africa


Till we are one and we are free

I vow