There’s no good news. Only bad news and worse news

OR ‘Why I have not written a blog in months’

I have not written any socio-political commentaries for a while. One of my last ones was called, ‘Keep Calm and Love South Africa’. At the time, I had made a conscious decision to write only positive blogs because I am convinced that one’s thoughts, writing and verbalisations are affirming. I decided that in my own small way, I would love and heal, instead of ranting and raving.

On reflection, I realised that this was not a great plan. While there were many moments of hope and positivity, these were few and far between. More importantly, before I could enjoy these rare moments, another sad story would surface preventing me from revelling in the small flame of faith.

The questions I ask:
• Am I that easy to bring down?
• Are we doomed?
• Is there no hope?
And most importantly,
• Is this a way of getting out of writing blogs?

The truth is, I do not know the answers, except for maybe, the last one – us writers are notoriously lazy.

As for what our prospects are, can one really know what tomorrow holds? No, but we can do is hope and pray that the tide will eventually turn and South Africa that will become the country we all dream and hope for.

I attended a conference recently and one of the questions posed was ‘If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?’ I answered unhesitatingly: ‘In South Africa, but a South Africa re-imagined. A country where women and children are respected, where leaders are accountable and ethical, where we afford the poorest of the poor human dignity by ensuring food and basic services are accessible, where the truth is honoured and criminals are brought to book, where I feel safe walking down the street anywhere, anytime, and where I can be happy and confident to raise my children. The fact that I can still visualise this possibility means that it is still achievable.

I commit to remaining positive and hopeful. I commit to do my bit to ensure we achieve this possibility. I commit to finding the blog topic that can only help me and us as a nation reach this dream.

I hope I do not sound naïve or simplistic, but I believe in the butterfly effect – that every action, no matter how insignificant can have an impact.

Join me. Together, our love can heal this beautiful land.